Rich URL for Chrome

work with information in a format that suits you best

Extension features

Rich URL allows:

  • Copy information from
    • of the current tab
    • all tabs of the current window
    • tabs of all open browser windows
  • Send information from the current tab by email
  • Publish information from the current tab in
  • Make API requests e.g.
    • turning the URL of the current page into a QR code
    • search on DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon, …
    • create a copy on

Any number of actions mentioned above can be created in the extension and called up via a menu or keyboard shortcuts.

In each action, you can flexibly customize what information will be copied, sent or published and in what form. The following variables are available for use:

Each variable can be configured separately, for example, for the page url are available:

  • conversion of unicode characters into readable text (when instead of a we get aУкраїна);
  • removal of marketing and other service marks;
  • adding to the URL of the page its own parameters, which can be useful, for example, when preparing links for partner programs;
  • url shortening with one of the services,,

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