Rich URL for Chrome

work with information in a format that suits you best

Copying information

When working with text in programs that support formatting (Word, Pages, Evernote, etc.), it is possible to format a text fragment as a clickable link. Rich URL allows you to insert into such a program in two clicks, for example, the title1 of a page in the form of a clickable link to this page.

At the same time, when inserting the copied text into the program without formatting support, you may need to add the page address explicitly.

Rich URL supports two types of copying actions:

  • Formatted copying – allows you to configure what will be inserted into programs with and without formatting support.
  • Unformatted copying – the result of copying will be inserted in the same (unformatted) form regardless of the target formatting program support.

  1. It is possible to configure what and in what form will be copied. See. available options. ↩︎

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